Your Phone Interview

Prepare for the Screening Interview.  The phone interview is used to evaluate candidates and screen out all but the most qualified and articulate.  Prepare for it carefully.  (See Your Interview FAQs)  It is appropriate to follow up a telephone interview with a brief (carefully composed and thoroughly proofread) email letter to the person who spoke with you.

Keep An Open Line.  If your telephone is frequently in use, consider adding a second line to expedite your job search.

Listen To Yourself.  Call your home and listen to your answering machine's message. This might be a potential employer's first opportunity to learn how you present yourself.

Answer The Phone Properly.  Even if you are not in the habit of receiving business calls at home, present yourself in a professional manner when you answer the telephone.  Teach your children proper phone etiquette also.

Answer Opportunity’s Ring.  Be sure your phone is always answered. Get a voicemail system that records incoming calls when nobody is home or the line is busy, and enables you to review your messages from another location.

Think Before You Speak.   Develop your thoughts before speaking and explain things thoroughly.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: