Your Face Interview

Rehearse with a Friend.  Tell your "interviewer" to ask tough questions and to be as thorough as possible.

Have a Dress Rehearsal.  Wearing your interview outfit, look at yourself in a full-length mirror. With your shoes shined, suit pressed, accessories in good taste (including a watch appropriate for business attire), hair neatly cut and styled; you look businesslike and professional. Put concerns about your appearance aside and concentrate on other aspects of your interview.

Watch Your Step.  If there's any chance of a factory tour, take some walking shoes. Without suitable footwear, you could be barred from some manufacturing areas. Worse, you could stumble and fall.

Avoid Bad Scents.  Perfume, heavily scented grooming aids, or an aura of stale tobacco smoke clinging to hair or clothing annoy some people and trigger allergic reactions in others.

Eat Breakfast.  Don't set out on an empty stomach and allow a mid-morning slump or a postponed lunch to cause you to interview less than your best.

Watch Your  Body Language.   Shake hands firmly and briefly, stand until you are told to sit, and don't fidget.  Sit up straight, look alert, and don't touch anything on the interveiwer's desk, look at your watch, tap your feet, or play with your pen.  

Be Yourself.  Be your very best self, not someone else you think the company might hire. The offer you get will be for you, not for someone you pretend to be, and you will be more likely to do well in your new job.

Be Polite.  Do not act condescending toward receptionists, secretaries, food service people, or anyone else you meet during your interview visit. This behavior could eliminate you as a candidate and you may never know why.

Smile.  Even if an interview doesn't go well, maintain a pleasant and positive attitude. Someone that you meet on an otherwise disastrous interview trip might be impressed enough to recommend you for a more suitable position.

Don't Flirt.  Don't say anything suggestive or flirtatious to anyone. Your clever innuendo may be taken as condescending, threatening, or just plain ignorant. Be polite, friendly, and businesslike with everyone.

Be Discreet.  No matter how justified your negative feelings toward a former employer or associate might be, keep them to yourself. Say something nice or nothing at all.

Be Honest.  If you tell a lie, can you tailor everything else you say to fit it?  What happens when the truth finally comes out? Honesty is the best policy. There will be other interviews, but you have only one reputation.

Expect a Checkup.  Most employers require a pre-employment exam. It is not intended to eliminate anyone - UNLESS a candidate fails the drug test. All recreational drugs other than alcohol and nicotine are routinely screened for, and a positive reaction will cause an offer to be withdrawn.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: