Your Follow-Through

Remember To Write. Always follow up a personal interview with a letter to the person(s) who invited, interviewed, and/or entertained you. Show appreciation for the effort expended on your behalf. Send a carefully written and carefully proofread letter by email and/or US Postal Service as soon as you return home.

Ask For The Offer if you are really interested in the opportunity. Your follow-up letter should demonstrate how your qualifications fit the company's needs and show your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Be Sincere. Don't ask for an offer if you don't intend to accept it. Understand the offer. An offer may be extended by a hiring official, a member of the H.R. Department, or your recruiter. It may be in person, or by phone, mail, email, or fax. Consider it carefully and ask about anything you don't understand.

Protect Yourself. It is fine to accept an oral offer, but get it in writing before giving notice to your current employer. Send your new employer a written acceptance agreeing to the terms of the offer and confirming your projected start date.

Prepare For Departure. Plan to work a reasonable notice, but be prepared to be asked to leave immediately. You may be paid for the time you offered to work, and your new employer may be glad to bring you aboard early.

Depart In Style. Tender your resignation in person and in writing, give notice and be prepared to work it. Be polite and tactful, and leave your work in good order so that you will be remembered in a positive fashion.

Insure Your Future. Consider using the Federal COBRA law to extend your health insurance coverage until you are covered through your new employer.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: