Your Resume

Be Legible.  Please use a type size and style that can be easily read on the computer monitor, with nothing on the page smaller than 10 point type.

Be Concise.  A few carefully chosen words can convey more useful information than several paragraphs of flowery prose.

Be Specific.  Include dates and locations for employment and education.  Discuss the industry and products that you are familiar with.  Mention your GPA if it's a high one.

Be Grammatical.  Proofread carefully.  Is your message clear and well-presented, error-free?  Numerical and punctuation errors are easily overlooked. Spelling errors can slip through the spell check program, turning Manager into manger.  Read your resume backwards, and then read it out loud.  Ask a friend or colleague to review it, especially if you are not writing in your first language. A native speaker of the language you are using can help with structure and phrasing, giving your resume the polish it deserves.  Be very careful.  Your cover letter and resume represent you. You want to appear as good on paper as you do in person.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: