Your Search

Sell Yourself.  Always present yourself in a positive fashion, in print, on the telephone, and in person.  This does not mean giving false information (also known as lying) to make yourself look better. It means having a positive attitude about yourself and conveying that attitude to other people.

Ask A Lawyer.  If you have signed any kind of employment contract or confidentiality agreement with your current employer, be sure that you understand what you have agreed not to do before you start looking for another job.

Check Your Smile.  Visit your dentist if necessary before visiting a potential employer.  If you smoke, consider quitting.  Most employers now prefer hiring non-smokers.

Check Your References.  Before giving anyone's name as a reference, be sure to get permission.  Then learn what he or she is likely to say about you.  Ask if contact should be made at home or at work and get contact information.  Ask if any travel plans will affect his/her availability.  Ask for a letter of reference.  Remember to update the list occasionally, as people move, retire, or die, which is why letters of reference are good to have.

Organize Your Papers.  Assemble your college transcripts, work references, company newsletters or other non-confidential information about your responsibilities and accomplishments; samples of your writing ability such as proposals or reports; and a well-written resume. Make copies to give away and keep important original documents clean in transparent covers. Carry a leather folder or briefcase to interviews; produce documents upon request.

Ask Your Friends.  Ask friends for referrals to recruiters and other sources of assistance.  Now is when the efforts you have made to maintain good relationships with people and to keep in touch with them will help in your job search.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: