Your Career

Take home copies of performance reviews, "attaboys," awards, and records of achievements.   Keep  this Career File up to date, know your company's market share and mission statement, learn what your options will be if your company is in trouble.

Be Ready when Opportunity knocks.  Read industry magazines, attend conferences and seminars, study for certification, study for another degree.  Learn about prospective employers' market positions, policies, and benefits.

Remember Your Manners.  Express gratitude to co-workers whose efforts have contributed to your success.  Keep in touch with former teachers, bosses, and co-workers. 

Keep Your Cool.  No matter what the provocation, maintain a calm exterior. Your words and the way in which you use them can follow you around for the rest of your career.

Express Yourself Clearly.  If your speech is not readily understood by co-workers, your career can suffer. If English is not your first language, try listening to public radio and television, and practice speaking English at home.

Other information that will aid you in your ceramic or ceramic related job search: